Reichert® EG-Chek Fahrenheit Pocket Digital Refractometer

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Meets ASTM D3321-12 Standard test method for field test determination for the freezing point of aqueous engine coolants.

Why take chances? For precise reading of Ethylene Glycol coolant concentration, hydrometers just don't measure up.

The Reichert Digital EG-Chek accurately and effectively tests Ethylene Glycol coolant Freeze Point, Boiling Point, and % Concentration. This fast, simple test provides greater peace of mind for customers while increasing your service business.

Our fast, accurate digital tester performs three critical tests on the engine coolant:

  • Measures Freeze Point of EG coolant
  • Measures Boiling Point of EG coolant
  • Measures % Concentration of EG coolant

Get dependable digital accuracy in a three-in-one tool!

Our fast, accurate digital tester performs three critical tests on the engine coolant:

Measures Freeze Point of EG coolant: The Reichert digital EG-Chek's Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) provides immediate, accurate, and direct readings at ASTM D3321 standard of +/- 1 degree F. This ensures that the coolant has a low freezing point, so there are no engine block or radiator freeze-ups when the vehicle is not in operation during the cold winter months.

Measures Boiling Point of EG coolant: The engine coolant raises the boiling point of water in a vehicle's cooling system. This guards against boil-overs, engine break-downs, and ensures that the cooling system is operating at peak efficiency.

Measures % Concentration: Measures the exact concentration of the Ethylene Glycol and water mixture to ensure the engine coolant is at the correct chemical specification. Detects for over-concentration or under-concentration of the coolant - either scenario will cause damage to engine components.

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Warranty Information

1-Year standard manufacturer's warranty.
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