Reichert® Rhino® Fahrenheit Duo-Chek® Refractometer

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Rhino® is a rugged, water resistant, dustproof, shock resistant, and temperature compensated Duo-Chek® fahrenheit refractometer measures freeze protection and percent concentration of engine coolants and battery electrolyte charge level. Rhino Duo-Chek measures 6 properties including Freeze Point of Ethylene Glycol coolants, % Concentration of Ethylene Glycol coolants, Freeze Point of Propylene Glycol coolants, % Concentration of Propylene Glycol coolants, Battery Electrolyte Specific Gravity, and Battery Electrolyte Charge Level. This refractometer meets ASTM D3321 standard for field measurement of engine coolants. Accuracy is +/-1.0 degree Fahrenheit. Rhino series refractometers feature a sealed polycarbonate housing and eyepiece, making the unit IP67 rated dustproof and water resistant. No other refractometer has this rating and can claim Rhin as their brand!

Rhino refractometers have Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) which provides accurate measurements without the need for temperature correction charts and tables. Units are provided with a full, one-year warranty. If your application involves the servicing and maintenance of automobiles, trucks, buses, or trains, we have the right Rhino for you. These refractometers are at home in the laboratory, in the service bay, or in the field - they are truly Rhino® tough!

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Warranty Information

1-Year standard manufacturer's warranty.
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